Beautiful True African Women Are Getting Ready For 5Th Of March, Hope You will be there too.

Our TAH Sister Tracey will educate us on how to prepare healthy meals for family on 5th Of March 2016

Tracey Sokoya is a wife and yummy mum of two. She is a passionate food entrepreneur, writer & blogger @ She also loves to inspire mums to create a variety of great tasting meals for the family with added emphasis on the children through home cook clubs. She recently wrote an ebook “23 Herbs, Spices & Seasonings for your everyday cooking” which is currently on sale.

She is the Founder of the Facebook group Yummy Mummies Food Club and the Creative Director at Traycees Food Fashion.
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Anaya Kamara: Hair & Beauty Entreprenuer|Young Role Model| Philanthropic| Beauty Consultant|IT Graduate| Founder of Anaya Hair & Beauty| Faith Bound

My profile
My name is Anaya kamara, Founder of Anaya Hair & Beauty ( 7 years on since 2008), we are a mobile hairdressing and beauty organization that ‘brings timeless and customized hair and beauty experience to your doorsteps’.

Prior to this, I studied IT, Information Systems Development to be precise, with over 9 years of experience in the industry with a Masters degree in Information Systems Development & Mathematics. Specialized in databases and have worked for Housing associations, London Borough of Camden and Hackney.

I was also doing network marketing on the side with a bit of hairdressing as a hobby since i’m very creative and like to take on challenges. In January 2006, I travelled to Sierra Leone for an introduction as my boyfriend at the time asked me to marry him, coming from a strong family, he was advised to meet my parents and family to seek properly for my hand in marriage but our joy was turned bitter when we all encounter a fatal accident where I lost my dad.

Since then I sufferred shock, memory loss, pain, severe trauma, depression, stress, broken heart, broken engagement,broken ancle, self pity, to name a few. It took me first 2 years not able to discover myself and I was also very broke. What kept me going was constant prayers, good friends and neighbours that check on me daily and weekly. Strength came one day after I just had my quiet time and a little voice inside me said snap out of it fast and turn your pain to gain, it won’t be easy but you will conquer.

I became so determined and so I got very busy and very serious in the word of God. I began using my hairdressing skills to keep my mind focus and in so doing, it birth out Anaya Hair & Beauty. I gained a lot of clients from all nations and this pushed me to go back to College and studied all types of hair gaining level 2&3 women’s hairdressing Afro carribean, European and Asian hair. i was too advance for level 1 so the teachers push me into level 2 the following day in College.

This was how I was able to beat the ugly side I went through. I changed my way of thinking, circle of friends (Connect MIE), I don’t watch too much TV. I fell in love with the word of God, inspirational books, events, meeting people who also have gone through hard times, I also became a Mary Kay Consultant, gain good mentors and now becoming myself.
I’m still work in progress and so excited now than ever as the best is yet to come. Being a finalist for 2016 Divas of Colour, i’m so honoured to be part of this amazing platform and celebrating women across the world doing great works.

Apart from Anaya Hair & Beauty, we are currently in the process of launching Alpha Saba Kamara Foundation, in memory of my dad and younger brother, we aimed to bring hope and make a change to the youths that are less priviledge in futhering their education and to also mentor them so that they can reach their potentials and give back to the community.

I’m so grateful that I overcame the challenges and hardships where it seems almost impossible to breakthrough. Anaya Hair & Beauty was my therapy that focused my mind and in so doing it has created a new world in inspiring and encouraging others.



Mrs Dayo Bakare

Senior Housing Manager.  Helping people with rent issues in social renting properties.

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