These four, Dagunro, Lalude, Fadeyi Oloro and Abijawara bi Ekun were and still are the real heroes of Yoruba films from one’s growing up years till present.
Can you remember Sokoti Alagbede Orun and Alapinni? One never really appreciated or understood the import of their skills until an opportunity came,for one to take a course from any other Arts department and one chose the Yoruba Department. I would later switch to Philosophy (Story for another day). Yoruba 201 it was, a great course outlining the beauty of Yoruba Language, it’s proverbs, incantions, chants (Ewi)and Eulogies,(Oriki).
Best believe it, these are brilliant people. The recitations of those action packed incantations is no child’s play. One got to know they were poetry, one began to appreciate the rhyme schemes, the word play and the smooth delivery. For them to rehearse and rehash those lines effortlessly? Sheer brilliance!
Thinking about it, would it not be nice for these old time heroes of Yoruba films and even the newer crop to get a fraction of the type of accolades we rain on Jack Bauer, the attention we give when we see Liam Neeson in Taken or the palpitations of the heart when Ragner Lothbrock does his thing in Vikings.
Liam Hemsworth playing Thor in the eponymous Movie Thor, cannot rival when Dangunro plays Sango and oh don’t you just love how Dagunro plaits his hair in that cornrow style just like Sango? Let us take a moment to appreciate these ones.